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Visitor's Guide

We believe that the journey to recovery should be as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Visiting Hours

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting arrangements are subject to change without prior notice.

We recommend calling the hospital prior to your visit to confirm visiting arrangements.

Silent hospitals promote healing. We ask that you put your mobile on silent while on hospital premises, keep volume to a minimum and that any accompanying children are well supervised. 

  • All non-COVID patients are allowed one visitor at a time. Visitation for patients who are COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 patients is restricted, however exceptions will be made where possible and safe for critically/terminally ill patients
  • Visitation by one person at a time is allowed between the hours of  14h00 to 18h00
  • Patients for surgery are allowed to have somebody accompany them through the admission process and to the entrance of the applicable theatre
  • All patient visitors must go through the screening process and will not be allowed entry should they be deemed to be a risk
  • All visitors must wear a mask at all times