Clinical Research

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Clinical Research at the WDGMC

Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre aspires to provide the highest quality of specialist care to patients. Ongoing clinical excellence requires evidence, generated from sound research, to critically review our clinical practice. Ultimately, we aim to improve patient care.

As part of the University of Witwatersrand’s academic teaching hospital complex, our role is to assist clinicians with all aspects of their clinical research at Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre. This also extends to building research collaborations within the university, and extending these both nationally and internationally.

The Clinical Research Office does not offer clinical drug trials, nor do we facilitate access to clinical drug trials for patients. If you are interested in clinical trials, please speak to your doctor about what is available.

Over a 1 year period, we approached 7382 patients and asked them whether we could access their data for research. 92% said yes. Research would not be possible without you. Thank You.

Clinical Cancer Research

WDGMC is a specialist oncology unit for both pediatric and adult cancer patients. We support numerous clinical research studies in the field.

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Organ Transplant

WDGMC hosts the largest organ transplant programme in the country specialising in liver, kidney and pancreas transplant. We also have the only living liver donation programme in South Africa. We support a number of transplant research projects.

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Medical Humanities

WDGMC is involved in numerous local and international collaborations in the medical humanities, which aim to improve patient care.

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Ageing and Chronic Illness

WDGMC hosts a number of practices which deal with ageing and chronic conditions like kidney diseases.

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Intensive care & infectious diseases

WDGMC has a robust infection control programme and a number of research projects consider infection control in our hospital.

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At WDGMC a variety of research takes place in the fields of neurological and mental dysfunction

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WDGMC has a number of pediatric units and manages children across a range of specialties. Research projects take place across this range of specialties.

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Gastroenterology research at WDGMC covers a range of areas, including medical, surgical and quality control.

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