Ageing & Chronic Illness

Stature estimation in white South Africans
M Cloete (Student occupational therapist)
Establishing a prospective database to evaluate the efficacy of a falls risk assessment tool in predicting actual falls amongst inpatients admitted to Section C at WDGMC
B Tipping (Gerontologist)
Establishing a database to monitor outcomes for chronic dialysis patients in the Johannesburg region
S Wadee (Nephrologist)
The autoantibody profile of different ethnic populations with rheumatoid arthritis
N Govind
The impact of frailty on the outcome of hospitalised elderly patients in SA
S Coetzer
Prevalence, characterization and response to chronic kidney disease in an urban and rural setting in South Africa
J Fabian (Nephrologist)
Determining the prevalence of Fabry disease in chronic haemodialysis patients - and their contacts - across a selection of private dialysis practices in Johannesburg
S Wadee (Nephrologist)
Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy for the management of primary hyperparathyroidism at WDGMC
S Brachmeyer (Radiologist)