The First Private Teaching Hospital in South Africa, Johannesburg

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre (WDGMC) is a South African university hospital committed to providing best patient care as well as advancing specialist training and research.


The vision of the WDGMC is both to train and retain highly skilled medical experts in South Africa, whilst also providing highly specialised patient treatment and care.

The WDGMC offers a superior training programme for specialist and sub-specialist training right here in South Africa; and through its innovative multidisciplinary approach, it seeks to establish models of care that can be replicated at a training and service level throughout the country.


WDGMC prides itself in providing world-class medical academic training in South Africa.

The Centre, through its multidisciplinary approach to patient care, aims to provide patients with specialist care in South Africa that is cost effective and appropriate to the patient’s requirements. Through the hospital’s numerous highly specialised units, patients are treated by highly skilled Doctors who are experienced and qualified in their respective fields.

WDGMC is the only private teaching hospital in South Africa, established to train and retain medical professionals in South Africa for South Africa.