The First Private Teaching Hospital in South Africa, Johannesburg

Specialist and Sub-Specialist Training

Training the next generation of South African medical specialists and sub-specialists right here at home

Our training mission is to increase and retain the number of specialists and sub-specialists in South Africa by providing a unique, world-class training opportunity for South African doctors, in South Africa, while providing quality care to patients requiring highly specialised treatment and care.

We provide an extension to the experience and type of training provided by the Public Sector.

Our unique Public-Private partnership provides the essential key components required to both train these experts and retain their expertise for our country. By creating opportunities for doctors to undergo this training locally, rather than abroad, the likelihood of losing these doctors to other countries is lessened.

As a direct result of our Teaching Programme, WDGMC have been able to retain a group of doctors within the tertiary medical education environment, thus significantly contributing to the skills available for training of young doctors. The success of our retention programme is further reflected in the age diversity of our Specialists and Sub-specialists who are in the 35 – 50 year old range.

The WDGMC Teaching Partnership Programme is completely reliant on donor funding and all donations directly fund the training of these essential medical experts for our country.