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Dr Phila Martin Mpanza

Dr Phila Martin Mpanza

MBChB; FC Neurosurgery (SA)

Dr Phila Martin Mpanza is a neurosurgeon passionate about serving in the neurosurgical / neuro-endovascular space. He qualified as a Specialist Neurosurgeon through the College of Medicine of South Africa in 2018. He also holds a Fellowship in Neuro-intervention (2020/2021). Dr Mpanza is committed to providing the best professional care and is dedicated to the maintenance of high ethical standards, professional conduct and the preservation of patients' dignity.

Clinical Focus

  • General Neurosurgery
  • Special Interest In Neurovascular Pathologies


  • General Neurosurgery Procedures
  • Neuro - Intervention: Haemorrhagic (Aneurysms; AVM; Dural AV Fistulas Etc.); Ischaemic Stroke (Thrombectomies); Tumour Embolization; Paediatric Haemorrhages)


  • Neurosurgeon