U Rock is our Grateful Patient Programme

Grateful patients and their family members can connect, through their giving, with WDGMC’s medical training mission to ensure that when in need, South Africans have access to the best possible medical treatment and care, right here at home.

1 South Africa has a critical shortage of medical experts

Especially when compared to the rest of the world


There are only 1.96 medical specialists per 10 000 people in South Africa – whereas Brazil has 7/10 000 and UK has 8/10 000

Watch the 2 minute video

2 How does this affect South Africans?

  • Right now, our teaching hospitals are not training in several key specialist tracks.
  • This limits your family’s access to specialist medical care in a time of need.
  • Without highly skilled and experienced medical expert trainers, even the quality of training at the General Practitioner level is severely compromised.
  • Technology required for certain highly specialised treatment is currently not available in South Africa as it is considered beyond the standards of care.

3 Fortunately, we have a plan

We’re building a world class training platform right here at home and are

  • Teaching the next generation of young doctors.
  • Providing highly specialised patient care.
  • Conducting ongoing clinical research to improve patient treatment and care.

4 And it’s working

  • We provide training in disciplines that are currently not available to the same extent, if at all, anywhere else in South Africa.
  • We retain highly skilled medical experts to train the next generation of young doctors.
  • We develop and maintain the necessary highly specialised training platforms.

5 The results are phenomenal

95% of the medical experts we have trained remain within the borders of South Africa – the majority of them are retained within the public sector.
We’ve introduced 6 new training tracks previously unavailable in the Public Sector.
We’ve developed South Africa’s first and only Living Donor Liver Transplant Programme. Watch the 2 minute video
In 2014 WDGMC performed 98% of all the liver transplants done in SA.


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