The First Private Teaching Hospital in South Africa, Johannesburg


The Dr TJ Nel Inc radiology department at WDGMC is equipped with an advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit. MRI uses no radiation and delivers exquisite images of all parts of the body with no known detrimental health effects. Contrast agents may be used in some situations and could have a few minor side effects. However, in patients with severe end stage renal failure there is a small risk of a rare skin condition. In this situation the risks versus the benefits of the study should be discussed beforehand with the referring doctor.

MRI uses a powerful magnet which is permanently activated and patients with any metallic implants or other metallic fragments in their body should make this known to their doctor or radiologist prior to entering the MRI room. Patients with pacemakers should under no circumstances enter the MRI room.

Expert interpretation of MRI images is available at TJ Nel Inc. Wits trained radiologists undertake fellowship training in MRI training in the department. Please review the MRI Consent Form prior to your MRI appointment date.