Intensive care and infectious diseases

To investigate the effect of a fish oil-containing parenteral lipid emulsion on inflammatory markers, gas exchange and clinical outcomes in septic patients
V Donoghue (Dietician)
Efficacy of normal saline solution versus heparinised solution for mantaining the patency of arterial catheters in adult patients
W Liphosa (Intensive care nursing sister)
The effect of an ultraviolet light decontamination strategy on the epidemology of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriacae (CRE) and multi-drug resistant organisms in a hospital setting
W Lowman (Medical microbiologist)
Impact of specific antimicrobials and MIC values on the outcome of blood stream infections due to ESBL- or Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in sold organ transplantation: An observational, multinational study
W Lowman (Medical microbiologist)
Catheter-associated urinary tract infections in the colorectal unit at WDGMC
N Harran (Colorectal surgeon)
Antibiotic prescribing patterns in the presence of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriacae at WDGMC
A Sithole
Early complications in adult liver transplant recipients at WDGMC
S Chiba (Intensive care registrar)
Optimising nursing handover in the intensive care unit by managing distracters
C Van Der Merwe